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What if we replaced Wall Street with AI?

What will happen if artificial intelligence replaces all stock brokers on Wall Street. Will the economy be more stable and fair?


How to serve your ML model as an API

How to use Flask with your machine learning model in order to turn it into a lightweight API.


Deploying with a single command

Make your deployments easier without having to host as CI/CD. This post is the first in the deployment series.


How can I deploy a Python API with Sup?

This is a second post in the deployment series. Here we'll deploy a simple Python API as a docker-compose service, using Sup.


What are the hardest concepts to grasp in machine learning?

Whats the hardest thing in ML to wrap your head around?


What is the difference between a Ph.D. Data scientist and a data scientist who has been practicing for 10 years without the degree?

Should I hire someone with a Ph.D or experience for my data science team?

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